Funding Areas of Kindermissionswerk

  • Awareness-building
  • Educational programmes, education for girls, return-to-school programmes, programmes for raising awareness, etc.
  • Formal education
  • Setting up and developing educational institutions
  • Informal education Alphabetisation programmes, coaching, bridging courses, vocational training, etc.
  • Training of multipliers Further teacher training, further training in early childhood development, etc.
  • Education for children with disabilities
  • Structural improvement of education system

  • Education and awareness-building
  • Training and awareness programmes on balanced diets, feeding infants and small children, etc.
  • Nutrition programmes Preventing and combating malnutrition, encouraging breastfeeding and suitable child nutrition, school gardens, food security measures, etc.
  • Training of multipliers
  • Setting up and developing nutrition centres
  • Encouraging access to land and food
  • Right to suitable nutrition, supporting small farmers and food security, access to state programmes, etc.

  • Education and awareness-building
  • Raising awareness about the right to healthcare, supporting campaigns against the circumcision of girls, hygiene education, etc.
  • Healthcare programmes
  • Basic healthcare, mother-and-child healthcare, dialogue between traditional medicine and mainstream medicine, urban healthcare, healthcare camps, preventative measures, etc.
  • Training of multipliers
  • Community-based family healthcare, neighbourhood networks, midwives/traditional birth helpers, etc.
  • Infrastructural measures
  • Access to water/drinking water supply
  • Hygiene/sanitary installations
  • Structural improvement of healthcare system

Pastoral work for children
  • Faith-based education and awareness-building Catechesis programmes, catechesis material, children and youth Bibles, values education, etc.
  • Training of multipliers
  • Infrastructural measures
  • Inter-religious dialogue
  • Meetings and community activities, ecumenism, etc.

Social Integration
  • Education and awareness-building
  • Raising awareness of and providing information about groups suffering from marginalisation and discrimination, etc.
  • Programmes in the field of social integration
  • Trauma counselling, peace work and conflict resolution, psycho-social support, reintegration, etc., of children with disabilities, street children, child soldiers, children in institutions, victims of abuse and violence, children affected by AIDS, etc.
  • Training of multipliers
  • Setting up a committee for protecting children at village level, counselling for traumatised children, peace work, etc.
  • Infrastructural measures
  • Structural improvements in the field of social integration
  • Encouraging alternatives to institutional care, inclusion of children with disabilities, etc.

Emergency Aid

Kindermissionswerk also provides emergency aid to project partners suffering from the effects of natural disasters, civil wars, etc.
The following cross-cutting issues should be taken into account in all funding areas:

  • Holistic pastoral care
  • Children’s rights
  • Sustainable development
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities
  • Gender equality
  • Ecology

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