Who we are

Kindermissionswerk ,Die Sternsinger‘ is the child welfare organisation of the catholic church in Germany. It is the German branch of POSI (Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood) in Rome, which brings together 120 child welfare organisations worldwide. We support 1.965 projects to help disadvantaged children in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Eastern Europe.

Reaching the disadvantaged

Kindermissionswerk targets disadvantaged children: street children, working children, children with disabilities, children of ethnic minorities, of war zones, refugees, abused children, children affected by HIV / Aids, victims of natural disasters. Following a holistic approach, our projects consider material, emotional and spiritual needs of children.

We ensure that the financial means are used in an effective, sustainable, transparent and efficient way. Our main areas are education, social integration, health, pastoral work and nutrition. We consider applications that are impact oriented.   

Our Partners

Our partners are dioceses, parishes, congregations, church-based NGOs who commit themselves to children in need. Through prevention and sensitisation, education, rehabilitation or integration, they work towards a sustainable improvement of the situation. In order to reduce dependency and to strengthen accountability, our partners contribute with their own financial means.

The Carol Singers: children helping children

Children in Germany predominantly generate the funds of Kindermissionswerk: every year between Christmas and Epiphany, around 300.000 children dress up as the three magi who followed the star of Bethlehem. As ,Carol Singers‘ they bring the blessings of Jesus to every German home. With the motto ,Bring a blessing, be a blessing‘ they collect funds for children in need in other parts of the world. A commission with representatives of Kindermissionswerk, the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ), the German Bishop’s Conference, the dioceses and the other catholic welfare organisations, decides upon the applications four times a year. This way we ensure that the support reaches where it is mostly needed. Apart from the Carol Singers, many children, youth and adults are engaged in various activities in school, parish etc. throughout the year to generate funds (world mission day etc.).